2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 5

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2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 5. 

It’s Another Week in Big Brother Naija Lockdown House, the fifth one for that matter. So far, five (5) housemates have been evicted, as Kaisha joined the evicted list in the 4th week after being voted out by her fellow HMs.

Today’s program schedule were basically Diary Sessions and HOH Game. To Everybody’s Surpise, the former DHOH, Kiddwaya became the HOH, winning immunity for the second time in a row. Unsurprisingly, he chose TolaniBaj as the DHOH and guest HMs are their buddies, Prince and Erica.

18th August, It’s time for today challenge from Airtel. 

The BBNaija Housemates will create their own rendition of Airtel Nigeria’s *444# song. They divided themselves into four groups. Team 1 to Team 4.

At the end of the day, Team 2 comprised of Laycon, Vee, TolaniBaj and Nengi won the task and were rewarded #2 Million to be spent on Charity. At night, they got the brief for this week’s wagers challenge and took them several hours to argue on the brief but they didn’t reach a conclusion because of personal differences and underlying issues.

19th August in BBNaija House, Kidd Started The Day by Calling the HMs after the morning workout to render an apology to the whole house for what he said yesterday night that he would be in the house next week while some would have already been evicted.

Today, Vee Celebrates Her Birthday! Task Came from Hawaii. They were grouped in to three: Hawaii Carrot, Hawaii Papaya & Hawaii Gold.

Team Hawaii Carrot (Laycon, Prince, Wathoni, Praise) Won With 65 points and a cash prize of Two Million Naira courtesy of Ekulo. Later in the night, they continued the rehearsal for this week’s wager task.

On the 20th August, there was no much as most HMs slept till almost 12 noon. They prepared for their wager task and Diary Session took another dimension because Big Brother went on vacation. Each Housemate acted as the big brother to another HM according to whatever name they picked from the box and it was really interesting.

Immediately after this, they went for their wager task but right after that a video clip was played for them and it showed audio infringement of Ozo whispering to Neo and Erica whispering to Kiddwaya. Nothing has been said so far as regards their wager or the punishment for the multiple infringements. We all await the arrival of Big Brother to actually know what’s going to happen.

It’s 21st August and it’s the Betway Trivia & Arena Game.

The Trivia Game Went Well and So Was the Arena Game That Praise Won Just Slightly Ahead of Laycon. It’s the second time Praise Won The Arena Game. Prince Was The Incumbent Winner and he complained of not being pampered by the other HMs as Big Brother ordered them according to the rule.

Later in the night, Neo and few other HMs organized Oracle game and Truth Or Dare Game. Highlights of this game were when Kiddwaya sucked Erica’s nipples though with cloth on, Praise sucking Wathoni’s nipples, though she wanted BrightO but let her down & Trikytee unconsciously asking for God’s forgiveness after drinking so heavily.

Early Morning of Saturday 22nd August, House Mates are still sleeping because of their late night activities. It’s very unusual getting task on Saturday but they eventually got task from Tom Tom Sweet.

They were divided into three (3) groups: Team Tom Tom Classic, Team Cool With Zing, Tom Tom Fresh Lime & Power Of Cool In The Mix.

Team Cool With A Zing (Laycon, Vee, Erica, Ozo) and Team Tom Tom Classic (Praise, Dorathy, Bright, Nengi) won the first and second round respectively. Each team gets One million Naira each courtesy of Tom Tom.

It’s Saturday Night Party at 10pm with DJ Obi on the Night Cruise and Chike as the guest artiste of the night.

On Sunday 23rd August, Big Brother Returned from his vacation in the afternoon and HMs went wild but unknowingly for them Biggie came with surprises as he issued two strikes to Erika for whispering and staying over at the HOH Lounge, also Ozo for whispering, Kiddwaya (HOH) – who will not partake in the HOH game for three weeks; TolaniBaj (DHOH) – also exempt from HOH game for a week. A strike more for Erica will disqualify her from the game completely. 

At the Live Eviction Show, Praise, Wathoni, Trikytee & Vee found themselves in the bottom four of the voting chart. After the HM votes, Lively Praise became the sixth HM to be evicted from the 2020 BBNaija Lockdown House.

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