50 Cent Teases “Power” Prequel: “Wait Till You See This Sh*t”

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50 Cent Teases “Power” Prequel: “Wait Till You See This Sh*t”

After garnering massive success with Power, the series’ creator and showrunner, Courtney A. Kemp, has signed a multiyear overall deal with Starz’ parent company, Lionsgate. One of the deal’s stipulations includes potential spinoffs of the drama. While there are no confirmed details about these productions, such as casting or concept, 50 Cent has peaked his fans’ interest with a little teaser of what might them.

His teaser is encouraging to those who have been speculating about a prequel that would detail the backstories of the series’ characters. Unless the current episodes feature flashbacks into a whole other decade, the photo he shared points to a retrospective concept for Power‘s next productions.

The photo show’s Fifty sitting on a police car’s hood. The model is noticeably older than the cruisers that are usually depicted in the series.

My Power spin-off is so crazy I’m doing the prequel. Wait till you see this shit, TGE influence (The Golden Era) Southside we outside 1988. ?Boom.

Fans might want to tread carefully when internalizing this visual information. Since the rapper is an avid social media troll, he may have ulterior motives with this one. Or maybe not. A confirmation from the production company has yet to be publicized.